How to Shop Online in SHOP-PANAMÁ

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We know you’re a busy person. Save yourself from traffic jams, searching and fighting for parking spots, long lines to buy and other inconveniences. Get your product conveniently and comfortably in your own home, or send that present without having to put makeup on, choose your outfit, etc. We do all the hard work for you.

Buying online on SHOP-PANAMÁ is super safe and easy : )


For orders outside of Panama city or outside of Panama, please contact us here.

This Tutorial is to help you and be with you every step of the way


Click the ADD TO CART button in the product page where you want to buy.

If the product has options(like size or color), choose one.

Any option you choose will open a window.

If you wish to buy another color or size option of the same product, choose it and click ADD TO CART again. Don’t worry! You’ll be able to review your cart before checkout to make sure you have everything you need and that you’re not doubling up on anything : ) Your product(s) will be automatically saved, and you may keep on shopping or go directly to Checkout.


Check your cart for the correct quantities and that you have everything that you need.

Check if you need to add(+)  or eliminate(-) anything in your cart:

Click on Checkout and a Shopify Window will open. Fill it out: Customer Information-Shipping Information-Payment Method. Your information is private and secure.

Fill the Customer Information:

Fill out Shipping Information(Check for Delivery Areas here): 


Choose a Payment Method that suits you best:

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We have 2 Payment options:

1. Credit Card Payment: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Your information will be secure.

* Please note that your credit card issuing bank may require you to enter additional information for authentication before purchase. Contact your credit card issuing bank for more information.

2. Wire transfer or bank Deposit(only for Panamanian residents). After you click this option you’ll get the bank account info to make your payment: 


You’ll receive 3 to 4 emails in the next days:

  • Order confirmation with details of your purchase.
  • Welcome Email to our Mail List(if you choose to subscribe)
  • Shipping information estimate Email
  • Shipping Day Delivery.


You get your product! Enjoy!

Still have questions or doubts? Youre welcome to write us anytime at or contact us by clicking here.